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Tamora Pierce Fanfiction
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the annual fanfic drive

Fanfiction based on Tamora Pierce's Tortall and Circle of Magic series, moderated and maintained by GL.</a>

* Piercefic 08 is a Tamora Pierce fandom fanfiction drive, based at the [info]piercefic LJ community. All fanfiction relating to the Tamora Pierce books is permitted.
* A list of fanfic judging categories will be made public in November 2008.
* Eligible fanfiction must be posted to [info]piercefic (in accordance with comm rules) by the closing date, and state which categories the fic is entered into.
* Piercefic 08 is scheduled to run from Monday 1st December to Wednesday 31st December, 2008.
* Prizes will be awarded by a panel of judges, who will be judging categories in groups of 3. Judges and results will be kept secret.
* Prizes will be awarded in early January 2009, with the grand prize expected to be either a 12 month paid account and 12 months 100 extra userpics. Other prizes will include paid accounts and amazon.com book vouchers.


1. Tamora Pierce fanfiction only (A bit of a no-brainer).
2. All entries need to be placed under an LJ-cut - this must be placed after the summary format specified below.
3. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. This includes extended book excerpts and other people's work. You will be banned.
4. Reviews and constructive criticism are appreaciated. Flaming is not.
5. Common rules of English apply. I is meaning it.
6. All pairings and styles are welcome. Fanfiction with incest, beastiality, mass orgies, graphic sex/violence/death or Domitan of Masbolle (or all of the above ^.^) require a warning (mention) in the summary . If you plan to post an NC-17 fic, please place your warning in bold, capital letters or something equally noticeable. (I don't want to corrupt the kiddies, or anything)

posting format

Author: (either your journal or writing journal will suffice here)
Summary: (please include any appropriate warnings in this area)
<----(LJ-CUT goes here)